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Executive Council

Below is a list of the Executive Council for 2019/2020. Feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the North American Society for Sport Management.

For a list of the past NASSM Executive Council members follow the link: Past Executive Councils

Contact information for members of our Executive Counicl can be found on the Executive Council Contact Information page (you will be required to login to view that information).


Dr. Bob Heere
University of North Texas
Dr. Damon Andrew
Florida State University
Past President
Dr. Lisa Kihl
University of Minnesota
Dr. Leeann Lower-Hoppe
The Ohio State University
Dr. Scott Tainsky 
Wayne State University
Member at Large (2019-2021)
Dr. Timothy Kellison
Georgia State University
Member at Large (2019-2021)
Dr. Sarah Stokowski
University of Arkansas
Member at Large (2019-2021)
Dr. Eric Macintosh
University of Ottawa
Member at Large (2018-2020)
Dr. Shannon Kerwin
Brock University
Member at Large (2018-2020)
Dr. Bri Newland
New York University
Member at Large (2018-2020)
Dr. Jon Welty Peachey
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Student Representative
Dominique Kropp
University of Kansas
Editor - JSM
Dr. Janet Fink
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Senior Associate Editor - JSM
Dr. Jeff James
Florida State University
Editor - SMEJ
Dr. Robin Hardin
University of Tennessee
Associate Editor - SMEJ
Dr. David Shonk
James Madison University
Office Manager
Dr. Robin Ammon, Jr.
University of South Dakota
Web Administrator
Dr. Orland Hoeber
University of Regina
Conference Manager
Dr. Stacy Warner
East Carolina University