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Membership Fees

The NASSM membership fees for 2018 have been updated and are listed below. Memberships are for the calendar year, running from January to December. The Journal of Sport Management (JSM) and the Sport Management Education Journal (SMEJ) are now provided to all members except for the no journals option for emeritus members.

Professional (JSM + SMEJ)$150 USD$150 CAD
Student (JSM + SMEJ)$80 USD $80 CAD 
Emeritus Member (JSM + SMEJ)$80 USD$80 CAD
Emeritus Member (no journals)$45 USD$45 CAD

Please note the following conditions for renewing your membership:

  • All credit card payments are processed in US funds.
  • A $5 USD service fee has been added to all credit card payments to offset the bank charges associated with processing credit card transactions.
  • Canadian members may pay at the specified rate in Canadian funds if they choose the mail-in option for making their payment.
  • The Emeritus membership options are reserved for people who are retired (normally retired university professors).

New members can join NASSM using the NASSM Membership Application/Renewal Form. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or Master Card), or a cheque can be mailed in along with the final confirmation page upon completing the online form.

Because NASSM memberships are based on calendar years (January to December), if you submit a membership application prior to October 1, your membership will be applied in the current year (and you will receive back-issues of JSM, if applicable). If you submit a membership application between October 1 and November 1, you will be given the choice of whether you would like your membership to be for the current year or the following year. If you submit a membership application after November 1, your membership will be applied to the following year. Unless you become a Life Member, your membership will need to be renewed each year. Renewals for the coming year can begin after November 1.

Life Member

NASSM is pleased to announce a new membership category "Life Member". The cost of a life membership varies and depends on the number of years the applicant has been in the profession, current professional and emeriti membership rates, and current inflation and interest rates. Every Life Member will receive all the current benefits of a professional member such as:

  1. Bimonthly issues of the Journal of Sport Management (January, March, May, July, September, and November).
  2. Yearly issue of the Sport Management Education Journal (November).
  3. A member discount on NASSM Conference fees.
  4. Job summaries provided by TeamWork Online.
  5. Access to the member services section of the NASSM web site.

The cost may be split up into four equal payments within the same calendar year. For more information or to request your cost to become a NASSM Life Member, contact the NASSM Business Office at